The Placement of Planet Mars and its Impact on your Marital Life

Published: 25th June 2012
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According to the Indian Vedic Astrology, Mars is considered to be a hostile planet and inauspicious by many. It is known to have a negative influence on one’s marriage life and a person who is affected by these planetary positions either ends up remaining unmarried, or have other negative consequences with respect to health, wealth and happiness of a marriage. The native under this condition is commonly known as a Manglik.

What is the Mangal Dosha?

As per Vedic astrology this condition considers the planet Mars as an Ascendant and if it is placed in the 2nd, 4th 7th, 8th or 12h houses at the time of birth of a native, it is not considered to be a good sign. It is believed that the planet Mars contributes to all the negativity that goes on in a marriage and when it is placed in one of these houses, it becomes even more malefic.

The malefic impact of this planet varies depending on what house it has been placed in. Let’s understand how the placement of the planet truly influences the marriage of a Manglik native:–

1. Mars in Ascendant:– The ascendant signifies the health of a native; his or her physical stability as well as personality. If the planet Mars is placed in the Ascendant, the native tends to be a little aggressive and impolite. His or her nature may be uncompromising, and even vindictive to an extent. Not only is it believed that these planetary positions work against the happiness of the life of a native, but it is also believed to be a major cause of differences between the native and his or he life partner.

2. Mars in the 2nd House:– The presence of the planet Mars in this house signifies the wealth of the native and his or her family relationships. This condition may also result in separation with her or her spouse and there may be constant stress and differences with the life partner. This position also influences the children of the native in a negative manner.

3. Mars in the 4th House:– Though this planetary placement offers stability in wealth, but the life of a native in this condition is not easy. In addition to a disturbed married life, the native can be a little rigid under these conditions.

4. Mars in 7th House:– This is the house of the marriage and life partners. Mangliks who find the planet mars in this house tend to find life-partners who are unhealthy. It is believed that this house also encourages unethical behavior, extra-marital affairs etc.

5. Mars in the 8th House:– This house signifies, joy, sorrow, longevity and other incidents of life. It is known to destroy all happiness and provide a lot of mental stress. The native may face issues in flow of income. At the same time, it is believed that if the 8th house transits in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, the negativity of the condition reduces.

6. Mars in the 12th House:– This house is the house of happiness, traveling, relaxation and material indulgence. This condition can result the lack of sympathy and affection between the couple. It is also deemed to bring in financial instability and it also enhances the chances of unethical behavior of the native.

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